We pay Homage to Matoshri Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar for  Today her Death Anniversary

Hon.Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar (7th Feb 1898 – 27th May 1935) Also known as Ramai or Matoshri Ramai  wife of Mahamanav Babasaheb Dr.B. R. Ambedkar,

Born at 7th February 1898 village Vanand Dapoli taluka Ratnagiri District ,
In India. she Died 27 May 1932 (Aged 37)
Rajgruha, Mumbai  Maharashtra, in India

Other names Ramai or matoshri (Mother Rama), Ramu Spouse(s) it’s only told  Dr.B. R.Ambedkar .

Mata Ramabai was born in a poor family to Mr.Bhiku Dhatre (Valangkar) and Rukmini. She lived with her three sisters and a brother, Shankar, in the Mahapura locality within the village of Vanand near Dabhol. Her father earned his livelihood by carrying baskets of fish from Dabhol harbour to the market. Her mother died she was young and, after her father also died, her uncles Valangkar and Govindpurkar took the children to Mumbai to live with them in Byculla market.

Hon.Ramabai married with Dr.Ambedkar in 1906  in a very simple ceremony in the vegetable market of Byculla. At the time, Dr.Ambedkar was aged 14 and Ramabai was nine. His affectionate name for her was “Ramu”, while she called him “Saheb”.

Credit by her Husband Babasaheb Dr.B. R. Ambedkar on his book 

“Thoughts on Pakistan ”  published in 1941 was dedicated to Ramabai. In the preface, Dr.Ambedkar credits her with his transformation from an ordinary Bhiva or Bhima to Dr Ambedkar.

Hon .Ramabai died on 27 May 1935 at Rajgruha in Hindu Colony, Dadar, Mumbai  after a prolonged illness.

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