Dr. Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti (Book of Inequality) in 1927 ………..!

Manusmruti is the mythological book of Hindus where rule of life has been written. Hindus used to follow the rule of Manusmruti, it was nothing but a bloody theory written by orthodox to keep Untuchables away from their rights and allow hindus to exploit them. Manusmruti was a Devil thought of Hindus.

So another satyagraha was organized at Mahad later on the same year on December 25-26, 1927, thousands of Untouchables (Mahar Community) publicly burnt copies of the Manusmruti, the hated ancient symbol of Brahminical caste and gender oppression. The leader of this revolutionary movement was Dr B R Ambedkar, and it was with these two movements that Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar emerged as Leader of Untouchables…. Dalits
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